Suzanne Kramer creates ephemeral and atmospheric paintings in a lyrical construct that suggests a mysterious alliance between nature and modern life. Her works are spatial metaphors where line becomes form, asking are we really in control of our lives in this age of technology.

In fact the paintings are a flight from everyday life as she strips down experience to elemental forms in space. She draws delicately expressive lines that she compares to tumbleweed which has a strongly calligraphic resonance, suggesting the desiccated remains of living plants blowing through the environment. There is a dream-like quality to each canvas leaving interpretation to the viewers imagination. Images move throughout the space of the paintings retreating into deep space at times, and other times pushing through the mists that envelop the painting ground.

Other worldly, unsettled and in flux, the painting surface is active and never passive. Earlier work was often in jewel- like dark colors and her palette is now much lighter and cooler. Yet the dappled surface is as rich as ever, with light playing through atmosphere that suggests Turner more than Impressionists.

The work is highly original, at times downright curious but always engaging.